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Dziedziniec Pałacu Górków wypełniony gośćmi


Górka Palace - the seat of the Museum
1 October 2020 - 30 June 2021

TUESDAY - 10.00-17:00
WEDNESDAY - 10.00-17:00
THURSDAY - 10.00-17:00
FRIDAY - 10.00-18.00
SATURDAY - 10.00-18.00
SUNDAY - 12.00-16.00
MONDAY - closed


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The origins of the museum publication date back to post-war times. At that time, in the then Prehistoric Museum, whose director was Józef Kostrzewski, periodicals "From the Abyss of the Ages" and "Archaeological Review" were periodically published. In 1950, in the Museum renamed as Archaeological, after receiving the "Archaeological Review" a magazine "Fontes Praehistorici" was created, which in the following years was called "Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses". The first editor-in-chief was Józef Kostrzewski, followed by subsequent directors of the Archaeological Museum. In addition to "FAP", other items of both scientific and popular science are also published. They are prepared as part of several series: "Bibliotheca Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses", "Poznań Zeszyty Archeologiczno-Konserwatorskie", "Studies in African Archeology" and "Popular Science Library of the Archaeological Museum in Poznań".


The Publishing Department goes back to the period immediately following the 2nd World War, when the then Prehistorical Museum, headed by Józef Kostrzewski, published  temporary journals “Z otchłani wieków” and “Przegląd Archeologiczny”. In 1950, after the Museum (now renamed Archaeological) was deprived of “Przegląd Archeologiczny”, a new publication “Fontes Praehistorici”, later known as “Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses”, was established. Józef Kostrzewski was the first editor, to be followed by successive directors of the Museum, with Marzena Szmyt as the present editor-in-chief. Apart from “FAP”, there are other publications, both scientific and for the general public. They come out in several series: “Bibliotheca Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses”, “Poznańskie Zeszyty Archeologiczno-Konserwatorskie”, “Studies in African Archaeology” and “Biblioteka Popularnonaukowa Muzeum Archeologicznego w Poznaniu”.

Tomasz Kasprowicz, MA
tel. 61 852 82 51 in. 127