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Museum shop

The shop is open during the museum's opening hours. We offer a wide range of publications, both museum and other thematically related to archeology, including many popular science, also intended for children. We also have an assortment of books on the history of the city of Poznań. In the shop you can also buy various souvenirs - from a copy of Old Egyptian papyri and amulets to reconstruction of prehistoric vessels. We sell hand-made glass products imported from Egypt. We also recommend postcards that present the most interesting monuments from our collection.

In the shop you can also find gadgets with the image of the first historical ruler of Poland, prepared for our branch - Archaeological Reserve Genius loci. They were all designed by the "Quotes Shop. They say, Daria draws. " The limited series includes eco-friendly cotton bags, hand-sewn notebooks made of recycled paper, and pens in an elegant case, which show the figure of one of the 4,000 shields of King Bolesław Chrobry.