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Main Museum Inventory

The Department of the Main Inventor performs tasks related to the inventory, record, and cataloging of collections of museum relics. Cooperating with the Municipal, Poviat and Provincial Wielkopolska Heritage Conservator, it accepts materials from archaeological research, as well as gifts and deposits. The Department of the Main Inventor keeps the Museum Inventory Book, the Book of Receipts, the Depository Book and the Book of the Museum Movement. Coordinates works on the use of own collections and loans from other museums, institutions, and people, draw up the required documentation for this purpose - agreements and delivery and acceptance protocols. Oversees periodic checks on the compliance of inventory entries with the actual status of possessed exhibits. Digitalizes and creates databases of cataloged and cataloged exhibits in the MuzArP program. Currently, the number of inventory items is 20123.


Kamila Dolata-Goszcz MA - Administrator of the MuzArP program, assistant professor
Tel. 61 852 82 51, ext. 132

Antoni Czerwiński, MA

Paweł Wolff, MA