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Department of Historical Archeology

The Department of Historical Archaeology takes care of artefacts (including hoards and numismats) dating from the Early Middle Ages to the Modern period. The finds come from the city of Poznań, Greater Poland, and neighbouring regions. The staff members record, investigate and study the archaeological material and monitor its state of conservation. The artefacts are made available for examination to students and researchers working on academic or popular-science publications.

Other activities of the Department involve the organisation of educational events (e.g. Festival of Slavic and Cistercian culture in Ląd on the Warta River) and conducting excavation research in Poznań (e.g. in the Old Market Square in 2015 and 2020) and Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). 

Staff members:

Kateriny Zisopulu-Bleja, Head and acting supervisor of the Numismatic Unit
phone +48 61 6285537

Piotr Pawlak -  Middle Ages and Modern Period of Poznań

Dr Magdalena Poklewska-Koziełł -  Middle Ages and Modern Period of Wielkopolska

Bogdan Walkiewicz