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Temporary exhibitions

Barbarian tsunami. Migration Period between the Oder and the Vistula

24 October 2018 – 6 January 2019

Exhibition curators: Alicja Gałęzowska, Marta Sierant 

This travelling exhibition was organised by the National Museum in Szczecin and the University of Warsaw in cooperation with eleven other museums. It is also the outcome of the National Science Centre-funded Maestro project “The Migration Period between the Odra and the Vistula" which was run in the recent years at the University of Warsaw by a group of Polish researches in collaboration with fellow researchers from other European countries.

Exhibition Barbarian Tsunami is dedicated to dramatic events in the history of Europe which disturbed the civilization of Late Antiquity between the end of the 4th and the early 6th century, the time known as the Migration Period. Those were the days of intense migration of Barbarian tribes which invaded the Roman Empire with territories throughout Europe and North Africa and struck the final blow to the Western Roman Empire. They often established their own kingdoms over its ruins. Some of these tribes, recorded in Late Antique written sources, originated from the Odra and the Vistula river basin region which they inhabited in the first centuries AD. They played a crucial role in the events of the Migration Period creating the new order in medieval Europe. Evidence of their presence on the territory of Poland as well as contacts with other Barbarian communities and the Roman civilization is discovered in different regions between the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains. These are very often some of the most spectacular archaeological finds from the territory of Poland which are later of great value in museum collections of archaeological objects.

The above excerpts are quoted from the official page of the exhibition.